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 Keepsake - Baby Inkless Footprint Kits

Dactek Inkless Footprint Kits offer exceptional value for clean, no-messy ways to take infants' prints. Our Inkless Printing products sold into major hospitals and Baby's keepsake markets world wide.

The Dactek Inkless Printing Technology is adapted by US and foreign country law enforcement as the De facto inkless fingerprinting technology. Our Inkless products are certified by FBI as official products for taking classifiable fingerprints for all purposes. Dactek Inkless products have been sold into Governments, Hospitals, and Banks for over three decades. Our products are used  with matured and proven technology. The prints produced by our Inkless products are perfect ways to preserve the precious moment and memory. It is also excellent for hospital patient's permanent record keeping. Product meets U.S., and EU chemical safety standards.

Simply open the Dactek Inkless towellete apply to the foot or hand, impress to produce permanent imprints on the cards.  A typical footprint kit include Inkless towellete (inkless wipe), and coated cards.

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  • Easy to Use
  • Clean, No Messy Black Ink
  • Safe & Non-Toxic
  • For Permanent Record Keeping


  • Hospital Records
  • Birth Records
  • Birth Certificates
  • Home-made Birth Announcement
  • Photo Albums
  • Framing
  • and much more...
Inkless Technology
Clean, No Messy, No Black Ink

We are a leading Inkless Technology manufacturer. Our products are available in various paper stocks, including archival blank cards, pre-printed forms, and custom forms.

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