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Fingerprinting Systems

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Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and American Bankers Association (ABA)
Specialize in Fingerprint Identification with 35 years manufacturing experiences




Rub-Off Ink Pads






Fingerprint Kits


Thumb, Roll fingerprinting pads. Easy to clean off residual ink from each use, create classifiable & permanent black prints. Suitable for notary, immigration, employment and more...


 New technology for Roll fingerprinting, no messy black ink. create classifiable & permanent black prints. Leading keepsake with clean, non-toxic childen Footprint products.

    Applicant cards, reprint tabs, fingerprint card holders, inkless recharge solution,  choose from ink or inkless accessories.   Portable fingerprinting kit that includes every thing you need for fingerprinting. choose from ink or inkless.
Dactek has developed two new fingerprinting systems: EZ-ID, Rub-Off Ink,  Fingerprinting and the Inkless Fingerprinting Systems. These new fingerprinting systems make it easier than ever before to obtain permanent, clear fingerprints that are acceptable to the FBI for classification, search and retention. As you soon come to realize, this fingerprinting system will reflect considerable savings over your present methods.

Our products are sold throughout the world to Law Enforcement Agencies, U.S. Government, U.S. Military, Private Industry, Banks, Hospitals and others like Yourself.  Our fingerprinting products offer unbeatable values:

  • Accepted for classification search and retention
  • Permanent prints in three simple steps
  • No messy black ink to clean up
  • No special equipment
  • No aerosol spray
  • No rollers or ink tubes
  • No need for electricity
Inkless Printing Technology
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